Wednesday, November 29, 2017

for errands by bike

I had some packages to mail this morning, so I rode my bike to the post office, about a 6 mile round trip. I could have driven, but the weather was nice and I had the time, so I rode instead. Our town is pretty ideal for bike riding (from October to April, at least). The roads are flat and set on a grid. There are canal paths and wide bike lanes. And it hardly ever rains. I feel really lucky to be able to run most of my errands by bike. I am thankful to have the flexibility, time, and health to allow it. There is something really peaceful about riding my bike instead of driving. It feels more deliberate. And I like to feel the wind on my face and to hear it rush past my ears. I always come home with a smile on my face when I've been on my bike.

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