Thursday, November 30, 2017

for my testimony

I've been putting up Christmas decorations all morning. As I've been working, I've been thinking about what makes this time of year feel so special. I've decided that for me, it is because I am more focused on Jesus Christ. From the songs I have playing on repeat as I cook dinner, to the nativities I have scattered around my living room, to the plans I am making with my family this month to serve and give and love, everything is centered around Jesus Christ and His miraculous birth. I know that because He came to earth as a little baby and grew to a man who suffered and died for me, I can be forgiven when I make a mistake. I don't ever need to feel alone because He is there and He has felt what I feel. He knows me, He loves me, and He wants to bless me. Because of Jesus Christ, my life is possible--this wonderful, happy, difficult life that stretches me and teaches me and brings me so much joy. I am grateful for Him, and I look forward to celebrating His birth this month.

And in case you are feeling a little tense with Christmas preparations, here's a nice little thought from Elder Christofferson: "I think it's appropriate this time of year to just think about that baby in the manger. Don't be too overwhelmed or occupied with what is to come; just think about that little baby. Take a quiet, peaceful moment to ponder the beginning of His life--the culmination of heavenly prophecy but the earthly beginning for Him. Take time to relax, to be at peace, and see this child in your mind. Do not be too concerned or overwhelmed with what is coming in His life or in yours. Instead, take a peaceful moment to contemplate perhaps the most serene moment in the history of the world--when all of heaven rejoiced with the message 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men."

Welcome, Christmas!


  1. Where are the paintings on your piano from?

    1. Both paintings are from my very talented friend, Beth Allen.

    2. Thank you! Miss your blog posts!

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