Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break 2014

It was a good thing that we didn't have anything exciting planned this week, because Elliot spent most of it on the couch battling a fever. He's better now, thank goodness, and we finally left the house for the first time yesterday. We met Mike for lunch and then friends for shaved ice. When you haven't left the house all week, little things seem like lots of fun. There's the secret to a successful spring break right there, folks. Happy Spring Break to us!

However, it was awfully nice to lay in bed with my book* in the mornings instead of rushing to get breakfast on the table and kids out the door. As much as Stella loves school, she is already dreading having to wake up early again. We all are. Sigh. Summer break will be here before we know it, I'm sure.

Two questions: Did you do anything fun this week? And what are you reading right now? I finished my book and I'm looking for something new.

p.s. My friend Sarah started an interesting new series about why women choose to stay at home on her blog, called Coming Home. If you have a minute, I hope you'll check it out. It is really fantastic.

p.p.s. Have a good weekend.

*Katherine, by Anya Seton. So good, even the second time.


  1. I saw this on a friend's blog and it made me think of you and things you write about:
    I haven't read this blog or this book, but based on what I read here and my friend's posts, it might be worth your time to look at.

    Glad your kiddo is doing better :)

  2. I am reading The Happiness Project (and loving it!) and my favorite book of all time is American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. Up here in the bush, there is no spring break, so we are just plugging along, eyes set on May when school lets out. :)

  3. I have been on a ya kick lately (which is great fun enjoying books with my oldest child). I adored Gary Schmidt's Wednesday Wars and OK for Now. Shades of Grey about Lithuanian refugees forced into Gulags during WWII is a powerful read. I also really loved Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm, and can't wait for the sequel. I want to read Katherine now!

  4. sorry Elliott didn't feel good and glad he is better. I know that when you are in the house for a week going out even for something small is a treat. Enjoy Spring Break and have fufn with the wonderful kiddos. Miss you

  5. I'm the Mom of one daughter and she's now 18. I stayed at home for the first 5 years of her life but have worked full-time with a flex schedule (meaning my husband and I have always been there for her before and after school between our schedules) ever since that time (I'm about 5 years away from retirement). That was very important to me (the flex schedule, to be able to be there for her, and to make dinner each night - we still have dinner each night as a family). I'm a firm supporter of stay-at-home Moms - my Mom was one - my two sisters with children are, though I guess technically one of them now works again at the school where her children go. I still LOVE school breaks - Christmas, Spring and Summer and have blessed to work for a state university for all of my life, and as such earn and take vacation time with my family. We are heading out for a little spring break get away tomorrow as my daughter's spring break is next week. We'll still have these breaks through college since they're off for virtually the same times, and she's living at home at the beginning of college, so I won't be an empty nester just yet!
    Now I've told you more than you wanted to know, but as for reading - while I love it - I don't do it as much as I should. I haven't read anything in quite a while, but I do write a monthly newspaper column and therefore, ever since that began, 7 years ago, I do a lot more writing than reading.
    Happy weekend :)
    Linda in Illinois

  6. I loved Glitter & Glue by Kelly Corrigan (and heard her speak a few weeks ago -- she's fantastic).

  7. I have read several that I have loved recently: The Invention of Wings (Sue Monk Kidd), Wonder (RJ Palacio), Calling Me Home (Julie Kibler), and The Boy on the Wooden Box (Leon Leyson).

  8. Recently I've loved:
    Where'd you go, Beenadette
    Mr Penumbra's 24- Hour Bookstore
    The Fault in Our Stars (but keep a box of tissues handy for this one)

  9. I just finished The Thirteenth Tale, it was really good!


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