Monday, March 17, 2014

spring break chatter

It's spring break at our house this week. Hooray! We are already off to the laziest of starts and it feels wonderful. A few hours in, though, and I've realized that I'd forgotten just how much Stella likes to talk. I'm determined to enjoy our constant conversation for the next few days. Sometimes I feel like kindergarten has stolen her away from me, so I am going to appreciate having her glued to my side this week. I am. I am. I am.


  1. such a cutie - love the braided hair.

  2. Hehe. My three year old **loves** to talk to me, too. LOVES. While we are driving, while he is playing, while we are eating, while I am doing the dishes, while he watches TV--all the time. He will shout if we are in different rooms, "MAMA WHERE ARE YOU? UPSTAIRS OR DOWNSTAIRS?" and when I answer he then yells whatever he needs me to know ("THE DUMP TRUCK SAYS HE MISSES HIS DAD DUMP TRUCK!" "WHY IS THE BREAD MAKER MIXING?"). It is mostly precious. :)

  3. My daughter is 12 now, and the chatter she generates is still just as thick as it was at your Stella's age -- maybe even more so. Thankfully, they enjoy being around their mamas, but sometimes I recognize myself doing the same thing my mom frequently did with me, saying, "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Mmm...," and then realizing I'm not even sure what she's talking about anymore. Maybe my brain is so used to dividing attention by this point in the game that I am no longer the good listener I used to think I was? Well, good luck and enjoy the change of pace!

  4. I miss Patrick terribly when he's at kindergarten-I can get so sad just looking at his toys laying around. (I have one of those talkers too Stephanie-so funny, so cute, sometimes so non-stop! :)


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