Monday, July 29, 2013

Sundance: Squaw Peak + Smores

Last Utah post, I promise.

One night, Mike and I ate at the Italian Place (Mike's favorite sandwich shop in all the world), and then we had some time to kill. So we drove up Squaw Peak Road for old times' sake. The views were breathtaking, but sadly, the parking lot was too full for kissing.

There is a little fire pit next to the stream down below my parents' house that is the perfect spot for smores. As pretty as Sundance is, I think I like this dim, shady spot the best. It's like another world down there, and so very far removed from this bright desert where I live. There are teeny little cabins lining the stream, some abandoned long ago. And always, the sound of the rushing water.


  1. The area where the firepit is so pretty and when we were there it felt like a fairy land. So pretty and peaceful.
    H ugs

  2. Such a fun trip. Wish we could have been there too.

  3. I love your Sundance posts! It's fun to see a place I am so familiar with, through someone else's perspective....and how did I not know that Aspen Grove has a creamery!!! Major revelation!

    1. It was a major revelation to us, too, Ali! We only discovered it a couple of years ago. Mmmmm.

  4. I love these pictures and all the people in them! Hugs.

  5. my question is mountain lions?! here there are bears and mountain lions. are you packing when you go on these hikes? it looks so pretty.


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