Friday, July 26, 2013

Sundance: horses, hikes + house

One of our favorite things to do while we are staying with my parents is feed the horses that live down below their house. Almost every evening, we would take them a bunch of carrots or some apples.

And then there were the hikes. My mom is the best trail guide on the mountain, I am sure of it. She took me on beautiful hikes every morning, through shoulder-high ferns, pretty meadows, and up steep trails. One day, we all hiked together down to the base of the ski lift. We rode the lift to the top. (And tried not to freak out - I swear back in my skiing days, riding the lift was no bid deal. Not so anymore for this mother heart of mine.) We hiked for a bit, rode the lift back down, stopped for lunch at my favorite The Foundry Grill, and then we had to walk all the way back up to my parents' house. It was epic. The kids did great.

My parents bought this house when I was 15 and I remember being so mad that it wasn't at the beach. (It was just their vacation home back then.) I was so lame! Even when I was at BYU (just 20 minutes away), I hardly ever went up there. Now it is one of my favorite places in the world. I am so glad my kids have been able to experience it.


  1. You went in the pasture with the horse!? brave! too bad mike didn't get a shot of you in there for his photo series. :)
    Your pics make me wish so much that we could have gone up there this year. It's so hard to be so far away.
    Did you set up a timer for the black and white one?

  2. i'm so happy the horses were actually there! i love sundance.


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