Tuesday, July 30, 2013

byu in 1997 + 2013



While we were in Utah, we took the kids on our annual BYU indoctrination trip, wherein we let them pick out anything they want from the bookstore. (Elliot chose an orange screwdriver.)

Life sure was fun back in 1997, but I wouldn't trade it for my life now for anything. Just look at all of those darling faces Mike and I have made since then!

And now my Utah posts are done for reals. This time I mean it.


  1. I love these pictures! What a beautiful family you have created!!!

  2. Beautiful. Both of them. : )

  3. So sweet-I think your BYU indoctrination trip is a great idea-it makes college decisions easy at least down the road! :)

  4. ahhhh......1997. You're bangs were just as awesome as mine where! :)
    You two do have such a darling family. And look at how long your hair is! So pretty!
    I loved going to the BYU bookstore when I was a kid. It was like a field trip.

  5. Love it all. Your pictures, your style, your words. I always leave here smiling.

  6. 6 of my beautiful,wonderful and loving grandchildren.

  7. Stripes! Did you plan that? And you are all so cute.


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