Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I left my heart in California, part 2.

Because I grew up in Orange County, we hardly ever had a reason to visit San Diego, so this was my first real trip there. Mike's mom had a major birthday this year, so she decided to take us all on vacation to celebrate. We even had matching t-shirts. Isn't she the best?

We stayed in Mission Beach, and we had the most wonderful time. It was gloomy in the mornings (which felt wonderful to my desert-parched soul), and sunny in the afternoons - perfect for sitting under an umbrella in a sweater with a good book. Oh, it was heaven!

Stella is my bathing beauty. And do your husbands bury your children in sand, too? Why is that such a dad thing to do?

The cold didn't seem to bother Oliver one bit. He was almost always wet, especially once we put him on a boogie board.

What's more fun than being at the beach? Being at the beach with cousins, of course! I love Ellie's face in this one (she's in the pink suit).

I seriously never wanted to leave.


  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to leave except you have that darling house in Arizona. Just wish you were here.

  2. I love San Diego too. If it wasn't such a busy place I'd probably want to live there. How fun to get to go with all of Mike's family. Glad you had a great trip.

  3. You totally look like Leslie in that picture! Fun times.

  4. love the pics and so happy you had a fun time! just thought I'd share- the pic of your cutie buried like that- we did it to one of ours last year too- my husband wasn't there- but he's a fireman and said that the weight of the sand can collapse on people buried like that- they can suffocate-I think it's even not allowed at some/most beaches. just thought i'd share for safety reasons- no intentions of being mean. :)

    1. thanks for your concern, jody! i really appreciate it. i had no idea it could be so dangerous. luckily, as soon as i snapped this photo we pulled him out. i definitely won't let that happen again.

    2. my lesson learned, too! :)

  5. I love those shirts, and I am excited for you that you got to wear a sweater! :) The trip looks totally dreamy, I'm already really excited for next summer!


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