Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I left my heart in California, part 3.

And then there were the late afternoons. This one was particularly fantastic. Just me and my boys on the sand. I can still hear those waves pounding the shore.

Every night at sunset, we would put on our sweaters (!), cuddle up, stand at the wall on the edge of the beach, and watch the sun make it's way past the horizon.

We have so much fun with Mike's family (pictured here: brother Danny, his wife Lindsi, and father Steve).

Who wants to go in on a beach house with me next summer?


  1. what great pictures! so glad you guys got to have some fun at the seashore! there's nothing like it:)

  2. that top image is amazingly beautiful and i feel you need to frame it in your home. additionally, i never EVER feel like having long hair again --- until i see your hair in braids like that second image.

  3. mike has his dad's smile for sure. love the braids to. i love the beach.

  4. I'll go back any time.


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