Monday, June 24, 2013

I left my heart in California, part 1.

I was born and raised in Southern California, just about 3 minutes from my grandparents, who live in Orange. I don't get to see them nearly often enough, so they were our first stop. My grammy is a very special lady. She can do just about anything, and whether she's baking a cake, or sewing doll clothes for her great grandchildren, or decorating her gorgeous home, it turns out top notch. Plus, she has a knack for making everyone feel extra special (see here). I had such a nice time visiting with her. Summer evenings on her back porch, with my grampy's favorite jazz music playing in the background are my favorite.

I love that my kids pull the same toys from her closet to play with that I did as a child. That train must be at least 35 years old. 

Elliot is going through a super hero phase.

Our next stop was my brother, Matt's, house where we stayed for a couple of days and got to meet this sweet guy. Dane is the newest cousin and he did not disappoint. He is only slightly adored. :)

I think Matthew and Katie's house is Mabel and Oliver's version of heaven. I hardly see them when we are there. There is always a fresh breeze blowing through the yard, and there are bikes to ride and hills to explore and some of their very favorite cousins.

Elliot got his fill of baseball with Max, and Stella and Sadie are two peas in a pod, what can I say.

Thank you for having us, Parkers!


  1. I too am from So. Cal- bit north of where you were. My Dad/Stepmom are in OC now and I love visiting. I will always be a Californian at heart. We're going again for the 4th.

    I keep forgetting to respond to your email, but yes, let's plan some embroidery nights!!!

  2. It was so wonderful to have you visit. Miss you and those precious babies.
    Love and Hugs

  3. what an adorable picture of all your kids with their cousins.

  4. Cute pic of you and Grammy! We love the one of Dane and it is so cute how Elliot is such a baseball dude. Even holding his glove like a pro. :) Love you guys. I still can't believe we've never even been to Matthew and Katie's house. :(

  5. oh man, DANE! I can't wait a moment longer. he just looks too scrumptious. and that last pic of stella and sadie is the best. hehehee! love those girls. i miss all the kids so much - it feels like an aching now, one year is much too long...!


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