Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm not sure what is happening, but it's hardly reached 100 degrees so far this May. It has been wonderful. That hasn't stopped us from slipping on our swim suits and hitting the pool. On Friday, we spent the morning swimming with friends. That afternoon, we hit our other favorite summer spots: the donut shop and the library. I'm pretty sure we maxed out our library card. That's always a good sign. So I'd say our summer is off to a fantastic start. I hope yours is, too!

Yesterday we bought a family pass to the city pools. We've never done that before, but it seems like swimming is all my kids can talk about, so I am sure we will get lots of use out of it. If you live around here, we should meet up at the pool sometime. Swimming with friends is always more fun.


  1. Swimming and reading are our favorite summer activities too! What books are you reading? I need some ideas.

    1. hi anna. i just finished 'The Light Between Oceans'. it was really good - painful, but so beautiful. i loved it. i'm just about to start 'In Sunlight and in Shadow'. i am a big Mark Helprin fan, so i can't wait to get going on it.

  2. you all are off to a great start!!!

  3. Still in school mode here...Friday is our big day! Enjoy! : )


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