Wednesday, January 02, 2013


We've had four of my brother's kids at our house this week while their brand new baby brother settles in at home in California. This is probably the best thing we could have done for our long week before we go back to school. There has not been one bored minute for anyone. Fort building, tree climbing, Three Amigos reenactments, barbies, bike riding, and lots and lots of cooking. Wow, 8 kids eat a lot of food! But it has been so much fun. Cousins are the best.

My great grandmother was Sadie Stella, and these little girls are her namesakes. They are like two peas in a pod. They were so excited to see that they had matching dresses and gold shoes to wear to church on Sunday.

The sidewalk riding crew. And the baseball boys.
Max has been a good buddy to Elliot.

I've hardly seen Oliver and Jack this week. This was a rare moment when they were sitting still long enough for me to snap a picture. They've been building epic forts in the basement and updating the tree house in the backyard. I think.

This guy likes having all of these kids around.

Representing Album Surf.

I couldn't do it without these girls! Annie and Mabel are two of the best girls I know. They have been so helpful this week.

We are going to be sad to see them go on Friday.


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful babies! I love COUSIN LOVE! And I'm so jealous of that orange tree loaded with fruit in the middle of winter. How lucky are you??

  2. How fun! Cousins are the best.

  3. so glad that you had the kids. know Matt and Katy appreciated it. The kids had bunches and oodles of fun all being together. They are all special

  4. oh, it looks like so much fun! i wish we could have snapped ourselves there a million times this week. we have been having fun with cousins, too, but we miss those parker kids so much!

  5. I'm with Leslie. Honestly, so glad you all had such a fun time together. But this also makes my heart very sad. We miss ALL our cousins! Wish we were there with you.


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