Tuesday, January 01, 2013

a new year

I love new beginnings. The start of a new year always feels so good, doesn't it? But I sort of feel like every day can be a new beginning, not just a new year. Every day is a mini fresh start, and a chance to be a little bit better. That's one of my favorite things about this life.

Mike and I rang in the new year with our good friends, dressed as hipster lumberjacks (very serious hipster lumberjacks, apparently). It's not new year's at the Bagley's without wearing some sort of silly costume. We had such a nice time.

I'm still working on my resolutions, but I have managed to compile a list of home improvement projects for 2013 already. It is sort of ambitious, but I feel good about it. On the top is making a room for the girls to share in the basement. Ideas for that room have been floating around in my head for years! I am excited to finally put them to use.

What are you working on in 2013?


  1. LOL, hipster lumberjacks! My big fun goal is to learn to play and sing at least one song on the ukulele I just got for myself. hee! The rest of my goals aren't as exciting. :)

  2. My first goal is to re-do one of our bedrooms and turn it into a nursery/bedroom for my upcoming grandbabies! I'm beyond excited and ready to start with or without Scott! I bet your "all girl" bedroom is going to be darling.


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