Monday, April 04, 2011

teaching my children to be

This weekend was nice. We didn't go anywhere or do anything. Instead we put our computer on top of our dresser and watched conference from our bed. All 6 of us. It was cozy. :)

Conference was so good, wasn't it? There is always at least one talk that I really need to hear. This time, it was Lynn G. Robbins' talk on parenting. If you didn't see it, please give it a listen. It's not long. He spoke about so many things that I would like to incorporate into my parenting, but most importantly, teaching my children how "to be". Oh, it was good! I will definitely be studying it for the next little bit.

If you have more time, give Elder Holland's a listen, too. It gives a little background on what General Conference is, among other things. I thought it was so tender.


  1. I felt exactly the same! Loved 'to be' talk and I thought Elder Holland's talk was such a wonderful summation of General Conference. I think we will read it as a family before each session. Testimony of love and warning. Loved that.

  2. I mean read it before each Conference. Before each session would be a little much.

  3. I loved Elder Robbins' talk also.
    I just want to squeeze Elliot. He is adorable!

  4. I loved that talk so much! I feel that I'm in parenting 505 with a child that is constantly pushing my patience button. It was so nice to hear real, applicable advice to work with him. And of course, I know I need him (my son) just as much as he needs me--that was a good reminder.

  5. Just watched the parenting bit. Beautiful, helpful words. Thanks.

  6. Oh thank you many good points!

  7. It was wonderful...I've been using the word "Bedlamites" at every possible chance ever since.

    Also, good way to use technogy to share your feelings....even if there wasn't a aviation analogy :)

    The new temples announced made my WEEK, MONTH, YEAR. One was announced in my TOWN. I'm not READY, I need to be better at my current temple attendance. So exciting!

    Thanks again for your was nice!

  8. somebody looks like stella

  9. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Elder Robbins was my favorite talk from this conference as well. So many implications to what he was saying. It's so fun to be following your blog now, Stephanie; it just exudes joyfulness!


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