Tuesday, April 07, 2009

28 Days

Stella will be in her cast for 28 more days.
Longer than I was hoping, but oh well.
What can you do.

You can make a paper chain countdown, I guess.
That's what Oliver and I did during quiet time today.
It's more for me than Stella.

28 days doesn't look as long as I thought it would.
That's a relief.


  1. Poor little Stella & Mommy. Sorry to hear about the extra days. Praying for her.

  2. The paper chain is darling :)

  3. Poor Steph! This is no fun! :-(

  4. I am so sorry that Stella was injured. Looks like your family is making the best of a challenging situation.

  5. I hope those days fly by like the wind.

  6. Is that her little foot in her cast in the last photo? It looks like it. If so, it is decorated very sweetly!

    You are right. The paper chain is the great hope of elementary children (and their mommies) everywhere! It makes it much easier to wait for Christmas Eve, that's for sure!

    I think of you and Stella quite often and hope all is going as well as it can. Bless you all!

  7. oliver is so cute. i'm afraid he's growing up too fast, though. can't wait to see him and all of you in june. cast free june. :)

  8. I found your blog a week or so ago and love it... just wanted to say hello. And I'm sorry to hear about her injury - the little cast is SO sad!

  9. when life gives your countdowns ...make paper chains! that's what we do.

    we are counting down with you.



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