Thursday, July 19, 2007


Reason #3:

Mabel will have a sister.

(me and my lil sis, Jooj, back in 1999, or so, when overalls were apparently very "in")

Even though they will be 5 years apart,
I know that someday Mabel and Stella will be the best of friends.
I am lucky.
I have 2 fabulous sisters.
I don't know what I would do without them.
They are the smartest and most beautiful women I know.

(Although he is smart and beautiful, too,
please ignore my little brother, Lincoln, in this picture.
This post is about sisters, afterall.
Here are Julianne, Leslie, and me in 1998.)


  1. yeah, sisters are pretty much the coolest.

  2. Sisters rock! I am glad Sophie and Emma are sisters.

    Elizabeth and Cleo are really too much younger than me to count, but Judy and I are good friends. Unfortunately, it wasn't that way until after we had our first children! :-( She is 4 years younger than me. Luckily, Mabel seems much more sweet than I was!

  3. i just posted about my sis, too. They are the absolute best. Love the overalls :)

  4. this reason is so beautiful - it's the same reason, even on the worst of days, I want another - just so Chelsea can experience what Nicole and I have. LOVE the photos - and I had at least three pairs of overalls in that same year - now they are my fabulous camping clothes...thank goodness I don't go camping much (for more reasons than one!)

  5. love you too, steph, thanks for the lovely thoughts. audrey was just telling me yesterday that she wants a sister. it makes my heart hurt that i just can't do it for her. :(
    but i'd rather be alive and have three healthy kids than risk it all again. plus, i might have a boy.
    lucky for mabel. :)

  6. Aww, this post is so sweet Stephanie. When I was contemplating being done (or, rather, Loi's being done) I was sad to think that Emily might not have a sister. Ginger is right, when we were younger we fought all the time. But now we are such good friends. I am glad Stella and Mabel will be sisters, and I hope they will get along better than Ginger and I did! I think Elizabeth and Cleo got along very well.

  7. I love having 3 sisters, and my oldest sister is 10 years apart from me!


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