Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Knit 5, Purl 5, Repeat

Reason #2 :

I finally get to finish the blanket I started over a year and half ago
when I thought we'd have another baby a whole lot sooner.
It is a lovely, soft, cashmere ball of goodness.

Anybody have any good hand-cramp remedies?
My knitting skills are sorely out of practice.


  1. i wish i had a remedy. i did quite a bit of knitting when we lived in utah, it was winter, and i was on bed rest. i made every single christmas present (just scarves). but if my hand started to cramp, i would shake it out and rest a bit. plus, you could always have mike rub your hand for you. that is especially great.

  2. when i knitted (for several months several years ago), i was very tense and got major hand pain. the only thing that worked was having somebody else rub them. hey! a good excuse for a mani/pedi! :)

  3. Well I don't have a remedy but when you asked it made me think back to when I used to work at Bath and Body Works. They actually had a class to teach us the proper way to massage someones hand. Weird.

    The blanket is beautiful!

  4. that blanket is darling! what a talent you have! i love it

  5. i am impressed. what don't you do?

  6. oh Stephanie, you are so talented - this blanket is so lovely - perfect for little Miss Stella.

  7. That is so beautiful!! It makes me want to pick up some knitting needles. (And I'm sorry about your hand! I hope it gets better soon).

  8. That is beautiful! Some day I would like to learn to knit! Sorry, no ideas for your hand cramps though.


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