Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our Guest Room



All of the exterior walls in the basement were lovely pressed conrete to look like brick. Yuck. So after scraping the ceiling and drywalling over the concrete walls, this room just needed paint, baseboards, carpet and nice furniture. We are still waiting on shutters for the window. I figured this was one view that could stand being covered up.

We usually refer to this room as Grandma and Pa's room, since they are mostly likely the only guests we will have (although more are welcome!). After I finished vacuuming it today, Mabel asked me when Grandma and Pa are going to come "live in their room forever." As soon as she said it, she got really embarrassed and said she wasn't going to talk anymore. I think she realized (sadly) that they weren't ever going to live with us forever. Obviously, we are excited for their visits.


  1. gorgeous, of course. great job!

  2. simply beautiful - and what a cutie Mabel is - every house should have a Grandma and Pa's room, that is for sure!

  3. i forgot that the interior walls in that room were the pressed concrete. what a difference! how do they attach drywall to that/ tell mabel i would like her to live with me forever too. gramma

  4. grammy9:24 AM

    We will come visit for sure. Tell Mabel that Great Grammy and Great Grampy would love to come and visit her
    Love hugs and kisses

  5. Hey about hte sewing, feeding horses and free panties day -- totally wish you could have been there, too - with two more adorable kids and thier cute mommy, just htink the fun that could be enhanced!


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