Sunday, April 23, 2006

They're Gone

While Mike was at the Boy Scout Camporee this weekend (he is in charge of the 11 year old scouts, and is not super excited about it), I decided to surprise him by removing the flourescent lights in our kitchen. I was afraid he would be a little mad, but the fact that he didn't even notice they were gone until he happened to find the lights on the ground in our sun room, made me think it was ok. It looks better (we are still waiting for the air conditioning guy to bring the vent covers), just don't look too closely at my drywall patches. It was harder than I thought it would be!


  1. steph, are you kidding me? you took down those lights and patched drywall with two little people running around? you are officially awesome, and crazy. And that is totally what would happen with Neal. Wouldn't even notice. :)

  2. Steph, it looks awesome... great job!

  3. ditto to leslie. I am quite impressed you did that on your own. Looks like we will be throwing Abbie that shower!

  4. grammy8:47 AM

    Steph you are amazing. This is the way I do things. I want something done and grampy is gone and aha! there is no one to tell me it can't be done and I do it!.. Ask you dad about the beams I put up in the old house and the wall divider I built and the wall I covered in bender board. It was fun and of course it is outdated now but was good in the 70's. You are awesome and I love all you have done. Hopefully we will come to Arizona and can wee it.
    Love you much

  5. My mom wanted the carpet replaced in her bedroom, so she pulled all the old stuff out. You two are kind of alike that way, but not in the crazy way, meaning she is crazy and you seem fairly sane. You and Mike are the handiest couple, when we grow up I hope Brandon and I are as cool as you two.


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