Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Cinco!

dancing to the salsa music

ice cream and new friends

the festive spread

the pinata that wouldn't break

Last night our very hip friends threw a very fun Cinco de Maya party. Despite the slight mix up of restaurant locals, it was a very pleasant night. Our children ran wild until nearly 10:00pm. There was yummy spicy chocolate cake, ice cream, sangria, ibc, and a pinata full of candy. What more could you ask for?


  1. you need to tell olibo that his neck is getting too skinny. i mean, he's still cute, but can't he just stay a baby?

  2. Wow- Oliver looks so grown up in that last picture! Looks like a fun party!

  3. That sounds way cooler than our getting take out from Las Hermanos that wasn't even hot by the time it got home.

  4. stephanie your hip friends are losers for mixing up the resturants.

  5. grammy6:29 PM

    What a fun time. We went to the
    chili Pepper that night too.
    Oliver is really growing up- not a baby any more- boo hoo
    Love you

  6. hey Stephanie! I read your comment on Julianne's blog and had to laugh - for someone who has never spent much, if any, time in the Parker Family's company, I feel like I know you all! :D We were down at Leslie's house tonight and she told me that you, she and I are all going to be in Newport at the same time - CRAZY! We have schemed together for a hang-out evening at your parents' house, you you all don't already have plans, so we are totally stoked. We actually might be at Disneyland on the same day, if that isn't crazy enough! Too bad Julianne won't be there!

  7. despite my secret yearning and my mother's wishes, i might not be able to move to arizona. you and all the azp crew are far to cute, skinny and hip for me to hang with. you're all modern marthas in anthropologie apparel. but if you all wouldn't mind a frumpy girl in tjmaxx duds who eats storebought foods ... i'm there next mayo! (that's spanish for may, not short for mayonnaise.)

  8. hey parker! can't wait to go the the Astros game with you. love brama.

  9. Steph, mom had technical difficulties and misdirected the comments. sorry about that.


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