Thursday, January 12, 2017

glasses! and contacts, too!

Right before Christmas, Stella started complaining that she couldn't see things far away very clearly. Funny thing: I had just bought her some little fake glasses to put in her stocking. But it turns out that she needed the real thing! After an eye exam, we ordered a home try on kit from Jonas Paul Eyewear (just like Warby Parker but for kids) and loved the Maddie. We placed our order, and just a few days later, her glasses were here! She was so excited to wear them to school, and to be able to see the chalkboard again.

Another funny thing: as excited as Stella was to get glasses, Mabel was just as excited to stop wearing hers. All she wanted for Christmas were contacts. :)


  1. Those glasses and that sweet girl couldn't be any cuter.

  2. I'm a little bummed at how much spam I'm being bombarded with from Jonas Paul Eyewear now. :( My 4-eyed 3rd grader had an eye appointment the same day you posted about Stella's adorable new glasses, so I went to the Jonas Paul site to browse. Jonas Paul now pops up in my side ads for EVERYTHING - Google, Facebook, etc., and we even got an ad postcard in the mail from them.

    1. I know! The same thing happened to me. They must be spending a fortune on advertising. Spamming aside, though, I think they are a great company. I have been really impressed with their quality and speed.

    2. I did recommend them to my dad, who needs new glasses, so their advertising storm worked, lol!


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