Thursday, May 12, 2016

Paris: Versailles

Our second day in Paris was sunny and bright. We wanted to take advantage of the dry weather, plus it was day two of our two day museum pass (which covers entry into Versailles, its gardens, and the Trianon), so we took the RER C train out of the city, about 45 minutes away to Versailles-Chateau. It's a short walk from the train station to the Chateau.

The Hall of Mirrors was just as impressive as I remembered. We got the audio guide, which was helpful, although we didn't end up listening to all of it. The Chateau was crowded that day, and it was a relief to step out into the gardens where the crowds could spread out a bit.

Mike, fitting in with the rest of the selfie-taking tourists. There were SO many selfie-taking tourists.

My jaw dropped when we stepped outside. It was so beautiful.

The back side.

The view. It really was a gorgeous day. Freezing, but gorgeous.

Our museum pass covered the Grand and Petit Trianon (which I loved but didn't photograph! Think smaller, more feminine, and way less crowded than the palace), as well as Marie Antoinette's Hamlet, so we headed in that direction through this amazing grove of well-pruned trees that seemed to stretch forever.

Mike really missed his calling as a blogger, I think. Just look at that pose!

Marie Antoinette's Hamlet is adorable. It is a stark contrast from the grand Chateau, obviously, which means it is charming and sweet and I was ready to move right in.

Sheep! It felt like we walked a hundred miles that day. I saw people riding bikes through the gardens, which would have been a good way to see it all. Tired feet aside, this was my favorite day of our trip. It was so peaceful and quiet in those gardens. And so beautiful, too.

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