Friday, May 13, 2016

happy weekend

Mike and I have been hard at work on our front yard this week, trying to give 35 years worth of growth a little style. I've become quite adept at hopping on a shovel to remove grass. I've only fallen once, and it was right when our teenaged neighbor and his friend were leaving for school. Totally not embarrassing. And then I tried to move the wheelbarrow full of grass, but it was too heavy and it tipped over. Luckily, they had driven away by then, but still, #winning. Our goal was to finish before the heat came, but it's supposed to be 105 today, so I think we lost.

We're in the home stretch of the school year. It seems like every night has a baseball game or a concert or a recital or an awards ceremony. Or a dance! Mabel has her eighth grade promotion dance tonight. And the boys will be off at the Fathers and Sons campout, so Stella and I are going to paint the town red. Or maybe just rent a movie. :)

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Happy Weekend to you!
    It's pouring rain here, so a cozy day inside with my coffee and a book is in order. : )

  2. You have to show us a picture of the completed project because it looks so promising! Digging beds (or extending) is NOT for the faint of heart (or muscle!)


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