Wednesday, March 02, 2016

signs of spring

Every year when the wisteria vine blossoms and the orange trees bloom, I fancy myself a nature photographer. My photos don't do them justice at all because they are so pretty in real life and the orange blossoms smell incredible. Spring is a fleeting season here in the desert, but we are leaving our windows open as much as we can and taking lots of deep breaths of the sweet air outside. Nothing smells better than an orange blossom. Happy March!

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  1. Those are lovely photos! Very nice. :) I can almost smell the beautiful fragrance.
    Alas, because I am here in Central Illinois we have no such warmth or flowers YET. Things don't really start to get blooming here in full until late April and May. May is a big flower month here and onward to the summertime months. Before then, there can still be snow until end of April. But, we do get some signs of spring in our own way - like the Snow Crocuses that are blooming right now, trees budding out, etc.


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