Monday, February 29, 2016

my marathoner x2

It was bright. And it was hot. And it was really long, but Mike did it! He finished his second (and hopefully last) marathon! I am so proud of him for persevering. A marathon is no joke. The route ran right through our neighborhood, so we cheered him on at the 17 mile mark, and then again at the finish line. Seeing him round the last bend was such a relief. He'd made it! He is strong. And a good example to our kids. And I just love him so much.


  1. did he run the PHX marathon on Saturday? I was at handing out gatorade at the mile 5 aid station! I was cheering like mad when those runners came by, so I hope I got to cheer him on!

  2. Tell Mike i did see him on the course. I think he yelled out hello to me but I could not tell who it was, but seeing his outfit (and hair) I am pretty sure it is him. And it cannot be his LAST!!!! Ok...if he wants it to be. Yesterday was number 12 for me and i think I will do lucky 13 this Saturday. lets just say I am kind of addicted. It was a fun race day....and He has to do 4 more of phoenix to collect all the medals! I am considering flying out for all of them!


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