Monday, March 07, 2016

on the weekend

I am still processing this weekend (and honestly, mostly mourning the end of Downton Abbey). There was a lot to think about, and I feel very scattered on this bright Monday morning, which isn't a super motivating way to feel. In an effort to get going, I'm going to set some of my thoughts here.

on Stake Conference: Instead of the usual Sunday meetings with just our small congregation or ward, we met together with our stake, which is made up of 8 wards. This happens twice a year. I think this is probably what is mostly crowding my brain. I attended three wonderful meetings and took lots and lots of notes. After reviewing them quickly, I wanted to share my favorite thought, taught in a special meeting by Sister Laurel Lawrence, wife of Elder Larry Lawrence, our visiting authority. When we are born, our spirits are already mature. As our physical bodies grow, our spiritual selves can grow as well, but not in stature--in light. In order for this to happen, we need to continually feed our spirits light. That light can come from scripture study, from attending church meetings and the temple, through prayer and meditation, from anything uplifting and good, really. I need to be feeding my spirit a constant diet of light.

on rats (most definitely not part of a diet of light): It is late in the citrus season, and almost past time to clear our trees of their fruit. A few days ago, I found lots of oranges on the ground that had been picked clean, a sure sign of rats. Gross. We have several very lovely and mature citrus trees that reach nearly 30 feet high. I was under the canopy on Saturday, long citrus picker in hand, trying to reach the highest oranges. I was causing quite a bit of rustling as I tugged on those oranges, when all of a sudden the biggest, fattest rat I've ever seen plopped out of the tree right in front of me and scurried away. I don't know if I'll ever be the same. And our citrus trees don't seem quite so lovely anymore, you know? Side note: would anyone like to come clear out our trees? All the pink grapefruit, tangelos, and Arizona sweets you can eat! Don't mind the rats.

on the finale of Downton Abbey: Oh guy! I need a good cry over this one. I feel like everyone got their happy ending except me. I don't think I've ever been so sad to see a show end. I would have happily continued watching for the rest of my life. I love those Crawleys, and their servants, too. Even Barrow, who turned out to be not such a bad guy after all.

on sewing: I am tempted to participate in Katy(from no big dill)'s sewing challenge. She isn't going to buy any clothes for herself or her children for a year. A year! I think Mabel, who has been suffering in school uniforms for the past two years and will start High School this fall, would kill me if I told her I'd be making all of her clothes. Ha! That's what every teenager wants, right? A closet full of homemade clothes. :) So I'd limit the challenge to myself (minus running clothes). I think it would be fun and definitely challenging. But mostly I think it would help me figure out what I like to wear most. I'm sort of a disaster in that area.

on Sunday dinner: I made Ree's favorite meatloaf. I contemplated having the leftovers for breakfast this morning, it is that good.

Anything on your mind this morning? Feel free to spill.


  1. Oh, I am also SO mourning the end of Downton! I've rewatched all the seasons an embarrassing number of times, since I do a lot of treadmill running, and Downton has been my dear friend for many of those hours! I'm saving last night's episode for today's run and I'm already so sad to know it's the last one!!!! (But honestly, I've been mourning the eventual end of Downton since Matthew died. I'm not a huge fan of Henry--I really loved Charles Blake and the way he and Mary bonded over those pigs!)

  2. The things I learn from reading blogs... Having never lived anywhere warm where citrus trees could be grown, I had no idea that rats would be an issue. Ugh... that would creep me out too. :) I never got into Downtown Abbey and I don't sew, but that's a neat challenge. As for the meatloaf recipe, I'm always wanting to try new recipes (mine are mostly skinnytaste though for the past year and a half), but anytime I try a different meatloaf recipe, my family insists "Where is the Brown Sugar Meatloaf?!" and that's where they draw the line, so in our house the brown sugar meatloaf is the only kind I make (with the 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of ketchup on the bottom of the pan). We rarely eat red meat, but this is our family favorite. By the way, I felt the same way all morning here at work - blah and unmotivated. Worse than the normal Monday for me. My 3 mile mid-day walk (no run today) helped with that. Have a nice week. :)

  3. Rats! NO!!!! I have the perfect solution....just move to our neighborhood! We'd love to have your family live down here. ;)

  4. I am so glad someone else is seriously mourning Downton. I cried! It's like a part of my life ended, isn't that crazy? I swear I looked forward to that show like nothing else. It was the perfect ending in my opinion, but wish it never had to end. I could watch it for the rest of my life.


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