Friday, March 11, 2016

happy weekend

We call stuffed animals "guys" at our house, and Elliot is my lover of guys. His beloved Wolfie is getting pretty thin and floppy these days from all of the love. So this week, when I was paining my bedroom, I took my old guy, Nosey-Nosey, out of the shadowbox that usually hangs on my wall and let Elliot play with him. As I placed Nosey in Elliot's arms, he let out the sweetest, most reverent gasp. And then he handled Nosey so delicately. Nosey got to meet the rest of our guys, and I think everyone had a really great time together. I even heard Elliot bringing Wolfie into my room this morning to say hello to Nosey, where he is safely back up on the wall.

I painted my bedroom, which I've wanted to do since we painted it green ten years ago when we moved in to our house. I've barely tolerated that green all this time, and it feels really good to have it be a nice, clean, bright white instead. Funny thing, though, I painted it and moved all the furniture back in place and cleaned everything up. . . and then I realized that it needed a second coat. Blerg! So the next day, I did it all over again.

Painting is not my favorite, but it is cheap and it makes a big impact. We painted every square inch of our house when we moved in, and we've almost painted it all again since.

Our spring break kicks off this weekend. I am trying to convince Mike to take us to California for a few days. I'd really love to visit my grandparents and look at the ocean for a minute. Oh, and breathe that wet, salty air that feels so much like home!

We'll see. . .

Have a good weekend!

p.s. Best home makeover I've seen in a long time.


  1. I hope you make it to California! That sounds great about now.

    And I 100% agree about the home tour you linked to; I actually just barely looked at it before clicking over here. Beautiful!

  2. My last apartment had the dingiest/grayest walls from the oil heat. I was upstairs one day talking to my neighbor and she had some paint cans out. I asked what the landlady said about painting and she told me she hadn't asked her. A lightbulb went off and within a month or so I painted the ENTIRE apartment. It was life changing! It had NEVER occurred to me to paint and it made such a huge difference!

  3. This post made me happy. And also, I tried to get B to take us to Cali for Spring Break too cause I wanted to touch the ocean, but we didn't go, so I'm going with a girlfriend next month.


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