Wednesday, February 03, 2016

life without a smartphone, part three

It's almost a smartphone, it just doesn't fit in my pocket very well. Ha! Truth be told, my iPad mini (which does not function like a phone, in case this picture is misleading) and I are a little too close for comfort these days, and we could probably benefit from taking a little break from each other. So that's how life without a smartphone is going. Darn, that doesn't sound very impressive, does it? Here's what I miss: taking quick, candid photos of my kids, looking up maps on the go, and easy texting. Texting from my dumb phone is never worth it, it's such a pain. Mostly I miss the convenience of my trusty old iPhone 4. But even so, I'm glad I made the change. Truly. I'm happy when I pick up my real camera and snap photographs. I'm happy that I'm a little out of the loop, and a little harder to get ahold of. I'm happy that I don't always have my eyeballs glued to a teeny screen. But I know that I need to put the iPad away more often. It's amazing how quickly I can fall back into old habits. There is still much room for improvement. And so I am working on it. Little by little, I am mastering my devices. But knowing I can step away from them completely feels really really good.

If you are at all tempted to give up your smartphone, you have my full support. No change is permanent. If it is too inconvenient for you, you can always switch back.

It's been really refreshing for me to remember that my real life is so much more fulfilling than my online life. And living without a smartphone has helped me to see that.


  1. You are an inspiration. I have thought many times recently about closing my facebook account. I get irritated that I spend time reading about people that aren't truly my friends. But I have so many photos, the task is so daunting.

  2. I have been closing my facebook for lent every year. I am always amazed how much lighter I feel without all that unnecessary information filling my head and my days. It's such a breath of fresh air. Maybe I will even not open it back up afterwards this year. On a side note, where is your adorable shirt from? Is it Boden?

    1. yes, it's all of the unnecessary information! drives me crazy, too. my shirt is from shade, which sadly went out of business a couple of years ago. but i bet the boden ones are fantastic!

  3. I quit the addiction of Facebook at the beginning of the year after much prayer (and continued encouragement through daily interaction with God in my life), and it's been the most refreshing change and for me, one that will definitely be permanent. I am also on Instagram but that too is slowly going for me. The draw of those devices is just no longer evident to me. As for my smartphone, I have an iPhone, I think it's a 4 plus maybe - I don't even know, as I inherited it from my daughter when she upgraded to the 6. I was never really a phone person at all, but as I grew more addicted to Facebook and Instagram, I found myself on there all the time documenting my life. I also can't believe how, for instance, when waiting anywhere (in line at a restaurant, for instance) everyone around me seems to be on their phone. It's ridiculous really. A time waster and whatever happened to just conversing with those around us instead of looking at technology all the time? So.... I've gone back to being the opposite - I carry my phone with me out of necessity of road emergencies or to be reached by my elderly parents in an emergency, or my college-aged daughter.... but that is all. I never look at it. I feel released, at peace, and I've begun to take up hobbies that I used to have before technology. It's the best change ever. Good for you too! :)


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