Friday, February 12, 2016

happy weekend

It's supposed to be 90 this weekend. 90! Oh man, early spring is right. I don't love being cold, but I really wish that groundhog had seen his shadow last week. I'm not ready for 90.

I asked my boys to stand under our pretty lilac vine the other day. This is as close as they would get. That thing is buzzing with bees this time of year. 90 degrees aside, February is still one of my favorite months. The sun is shining but the nights are still cool, and the air feels like spring. These bright mornings where you can already feel the heat of the day starting to stir are what Arizona is supposed to feel like. We moved here exactly 10 years ago this month, and so this weather feels really nostalgic. It feels like home.

Nothing is on the docket this weekend. Yippee! I feel like we all need a break from our weekday schedule, especially my big kids. Their days are so long. Our family has had some stressful big decisions to make lately (where Mabel and Mike should attend school next year), and I am really looking forward to just relaxing and spending time together.

Have you seen any good movies? Mike and I never go to the movies, but escaping to a dark theater sounds really nice right now.

I added a banner to the left about something really cool the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is doing. If I was a singer, I'd be all over it.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I saw this picture on your instagram (I'm writeonman there) and commented as well, that it is of course the complete opposite where I live in central Illinois, where it's presently 25 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like 16 and walking into work this morning, I actually thought it seemed warm out because I guess I'm accustomed to the cold since I run/walk in it every single day regardless. I can't imagine 90 - we might get that by July or August... :)

  2. We are having the opposite here in PA. Tomorrow it's going to be 12 degrees! I'm hoping I remember to keep the faucets dripping :)
    Enjoy your movie. Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. I hope when your big decision comes, you'll have a distinct peace confirming your decision. And I really enjoyed Bridge of Spies at the discount movies.

  4. In east-central Wisconsin, tomorrow we will have windchills around -25*. (I can't STAND winter!) Today the sun is shining and the wind howling. Next month we are headed to the Gulf Coast. Praying for warm weather :)
    We don't watch too many movies (I fall asleep in the first 10 minutes.) I have been trying to catch Mom's Night Out for months. But my all time favorite is Sweet Home Alabama (I only like the part about falling in love at a young age, marrying and finding their way back to each other. Everything else is terrible.) But I love Alabama and love the accents and charm.

  5. We just saw "The Finest Hours" last weekend and thought it was a fantastic movie! It was intense, had a sweet love story, and nothing inappropriate. Hope you enjoy your movie!


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