Wednesday, August 12, 2015

first day

They're off! Mabel and Oliver left early this morning to catch their bus. They are in 8th and 5th grades this year. Last year, when they started at their new school, they were understandably very nervous. This year, I think they are just looking forward to seeing their friends again. And their bus driver. He's our favorite.

Stella and Elliot left a while later, for 2nd and kindergarten. Their school is just across the park behind our house, so we go out the back, through our gate. They were pumped. Elliot is in the half day class, so I'll be back to pick him up soon enough.

And now the house is quiet. And the beds are made. And this freedom feels really great. Hooray!


  1. First days are the best! For everyone :)

  2. Our first day is next week. Yay!!!!!

  3. My kids must be the same age as yours, plus one at almost 2. Yes i love a clean home, organization, and a little quiet. Count down until school starts.


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