Thursday, August 13, 2015

at the cabin

About two and a half hours from this hot, hot valley, is a place where huge pines cover the land and storms roll in every afternoon. Where sweaters are required, even in August. Lucky for us, Mike's parents bought a cabin there this summer and gave us a copy of the key. We went up for the first time last weekend and had such a nice trip. We can't wait to go back!

S'mores the first night, of course.

Not sure why this shop sells Alien statues, but my kids were fans.

My favorite part of the whole weekend, aside from the incredible weather, was the lack of electronics. There was no tv, no iPads - I didn't even bring my phone! It was so relaxing. We read books, played board games, went for walks, and explored outside. It was such a nice escape. I think we like the small town life. Thanks Heber, we'll be back!

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  1. Re: the aliens

    Heber is home to a man named Travis Walton. He wrote a book (later made into a movie) called Fire in the Sky, which is about his experiences being abducted by aliens in 1975.


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