Friday, June 05, 2015

happy weekend

There's nothing like having serious deadlines on the horizon to make me decide to paint my family room instead. That's what happened to my week. I painted the family room and I don't love the color, but I guess I'll live with it for a little while. Because maybe it will grow on me and also, I REALLY SHOULDN'T BE PAINTING MY FAMILY ROOM RIGHT NOW! And you know how it goes. You change the wall color and all of a sudden your throw pillows look dated. And so you head to Ikea to look around and you come home with new beds for your girls that you don't really need and that take 14 hours each to assemble. Oh man, I've made a lot of spur of the moment decisions this week (so completely unlike me) and I am sort of wishing I could start from Monday all over again.

I am feeling very discombobulated. But I have promised myself that tomorrow I will get right on those deadlines. And on Monday I will not be crazy, but I will be my normal, non-spur of the moment decision making self. The self that sticks to her cleaning schedule. The self that spends time on the couch with a good book. The self that is content with her 10 year old paint choices.


p.s. Day one of our summer vacation looked like this ^^. Aack!


  1. oooh! smiling, laughing!! relatable? yessss! I ♡ you :)

  2. My kids were passing by while I was reading your post and saw the picture - it freaked them out!!!! LOL. "Is she still alive?" they asked. :)

  3. Stephanie, I came here to see if you had any ideas of what to do with children during the hot summer in Arizona and see your summer vacation started like this picture - haha.

    I emailed you a quinoa recipe a while back and told you we were moving to the west side. We ended up in QC. Love it here! Now we just have to adapt to the weather schedule!

    p.s. will the trampoline stay up during the summer or does that just destroy it?

    1. hello kelly! i'm so glad you like qc. it's really pretty out there. swimming every afternoon is how we survive the summer. we sort of just bide our time at home all morning until it's time to head to the pool. we keep our trampoline up. i'm sure it shortens the life span, but it's such a hassle to take it down. and every once in a while, after dark, my kids will go jump, even when it's still 100 degrees out. summers can be tough, but as long as you're in a wet bathing suit, it's not too bad. :) good luck!


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