Tuesday, January 20, 2015

at this very moment

Some things I want to remember about life right now:

That Mabel is better at applying makeup than I am. That I have to wake her up half an hour earlier than Oliver on school days so that she can monopolize the bathroom. That she cannot for the life of her pick up after herself (but that she has lots of other more important talents, anyway). That she is turning into a teenager right before my very eyes.

That Oliver is balanced on the edge of being too old for his little brother and sister, but much to my relief more often than not, he falls to their side. That he will spend hours with them in the basement coming up with intricate play scenarios. That he is taking to tennis like he's always held a racket.

That Stella has lost all of her teeth (one more after I took that picture). That she still talks in a half whisper, pausing for breaths between syllables. That she is the best reader in her class and that she gives her love unabashedly to anyone within arms reach.

That Elliot will change his clothes fourteen times a day. That he doesn't think it's weird to wear a full baseball uniform, including cleats, to preschool. That he falls asleep on my lap every Sunday before sacrament meeting even starts. That he still whole-heartedly claims the position of baby of the family.

These are good days. There is so much I want to remember.


  1. Just a question about make-up... At what age did you get your daughter start wearing it and what do you limit what types she is allowed to wear (like, no eyeliner, or only mascara)? My daughter is only 3, so I have many years to figure this out :) but my siblings and I were discussing it recently and I am curious to know your take.

    1. hello jen! our only rule has been no dangly earrings or mascara till the age of 12. i have a bag of samples she likes to play around with, and she has recently added bb cream and blush to her everyday routine. sometimes she wears eyeliner, sometimes a bright lipstick. i've asked her to tone it down once or twice, and she's been great about it. usually i am just really impressed with her skills. it's been fun to see her gain confidence in herself. she always looks put together, and this is something that really interests her right now, so i am happy to oblige.

  2. love all of those cuties!


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