Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Thursday in New York

We managed to stay on Arizona time while we were in New York, so on Thursday, we woke up late. . . to pouring rain outside. We headed for the temple. It is a miracle that we were able to navigate the subway well that morning and we arrived just in time to make the 12:30 session. Only then did we realize that the next session didn't start until 2:00! If we'd arrived only a few minutes later, we would have had to wait for quite some time. This was definitely a favorite part of our trip for me. The temple is beautifully done, and of course such a refuge of peace in the middle of the bustling city. I felt very lucky to be able to spend a couple of hours there. If you go, make sure to check the schedule ahead of time, and sneak a peak of the pretty sealing rooms on the 6th floor, too!

We had skipped breakfast and our stomachs were rumbling by the time we finished our temple session, so we headed to Levain, of course. We split the dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie and it was worth every penny of it's $4 price tag.

Sweets aren't Mike's thing (I'll never understand it), so we tried Gray's Papaya for some hotdogs and juice. I loved their pina colada. And their hot dogs weren't bad, either.

That night the rain stopped, so we ventured out to Times Square. What a place! It was mobbed with tourists and the bright-as-noon-day lights. To get a view of the city, we went to the Top of the Rock. It was pricey ($28 per person), but the view was breathtaking. Lights as far as the eye could see!

We finished the day with a late dinner from the Halal Guys. This might have been our favorite meal of the whole trip. We split a platter (half gyro meat, half chicken, over rice). Oh, it was delicious! Then we picked up dessert empanadas to bring back to our hotel. It was a good day.


  1. Ahhh, have been to NYC twice and suffice to say, I love New York! ♥

  2. I always like hearing about good NYC restaurants. I must try Halal Guys!


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