Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Friday in New York

We started Friday in search of the Flatiron district. Happily, we bumped into Num Pang on our way. We tried their Five-Spice Glazed Pork Belly sandwich and grilled corn on the cob. They were both so fresh and interesting and delicious. We sort of regretted only getting one sandwich to share, but two doors down was Hill County Chicken, and we were saving room for pie. Feeling slightly irresponsible, we ordered a pie shake instead. So good! Great atmosphere there, too.

We snapped a few pics of the Flatiron Building and then proceeded to Fish's Eddy. I had been looking forward to this visit since my last trip to NYC, five years ago. I probably could have browsed here for hours. It is my dream store.

And then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a must, I think. It is so iconic, and there are great views of the city to see. It was a busy day, lots of tourists, but I wouldn't have missed it.

On the other side of the bridge is Dumbo. It is a fun place to explore. We walked around a bit, did some window shopping, then hopped on the subway back to Manhattan. We walked through Little Italy, part of Chinatown, and then into Soho.

Mike was a good sport and let me browse the pretty fabric and yarn at Purl Soho. He even posed in front of their fantastic fabric wall for me. We picked up some shiny red shoes for Stella at Pearl River Mart before nearly collapsing from exhaustion. What a day!

We ended the night at Shake Shack in Times Square. It is worthy of the hype. So good, and yes, I totally ignored the fact that I'd already had a shake that day and ordered a concrete. Didn't regret it, either.


  1. That fabric wall is awesome!!

  2. this is my third time trying to comment - what's the deal? did you just get three of my comments? anyway. love that you went back to dumbo & purl - reminds me of our own adventures in nyc as parker women.... and show mabel this insanely cute panda video!!:


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