Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wednesday in New York

We arrived in New York City via red eye, bright and early Wednesday morning. After maneuvering the air train and the subway from the airport, we dropped our bags off at our hotel in Midtown and started to make our way through the city. We stumbled through Times Square just as the Good Morning America weather lady was stepping outside to talk to the fans. We made it on air for precisely one second. Exciting and so completely touristy!

It was a cold and rainy morning, and we weren't really sure what we were doing yet (plus we were in the thick of the post-red-eye haze), so we sought shelter in Grand Central Station to get our bearings. It was the height of the morning commute, and the place was packed. The rain wasn't about to let up, so after some people watching, the Met seemed like a good place to spend the morning.

And it was. There was so much to see there. The 19th and early 20th century European painting section was my favorite. I'll never get over the fact that I am standing inches away from world-renown works of art, canvases that the artists touched themselves, sometimes hundreds of years ago! So cool. I employed this museum-going tip, and am glad I did. It made for a great experience.

At this point, we were beginning to lose steam. Our lack of sleep the night before was catching up with us, so we grabbed a bite to eat at the Melt Shop (yum) and headed back to the hotel for a power nap (if you can call a 2+ hour nap a power nap).

I lugged our big heavy camera all the way to New York, and I didn't take a single picture with it. Can you believe it? Camera photos will have to do, I'm afraid.

We ended our first day in the big city with a slice of pizza and a late movie. Such a luxury!

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  1. I loved my time at the Met when Elliott and I lived in NYC. I would go once a week, and was never rushed. It was heavenly. I love that museum.


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