Monday, August 11, 2014

San Diego

We left Orange County for a beach house in Mission Beach. All 33 of us. It was the first time in more than four years that my parents and all six of their children and their families had been together. It was crazy crowded, but so fun.

As soon as we dropped our bags in the house, we headed to the ocean, where I of course told all of the kids not to get wet, but they got soaked anyway. It is impossible to resist those waves, I guess.

These cousins are the best of friends. I always say that Mabel needs more Annie and Audrey in her life. It's really too bad that they each live in a different state.

Baby Ben was still the main attraction.

Stella and Sadie played for hours and hours together everyday.

And oh boy, the three musketeers, Elliot, David, and Henry.

Getting ready for family pictures at sunset. We used a really great photographer. It is called my tripod and a self timer. Mike needs to work his photoshop magic on the pictures, and then I'll post our favorites. I'm sure you can't wait! ;)

Silly Uncle Neal and really silly baby Dane.

By the end of our three weeks away, we were ready to come home, even if it meant coming back to the desert heat and a new school year. But we made some really great memories!


  1. I was there, too.

  2. love it! i keep coming back to your blog to check out the pictures. miss ya! and tell mabel ben misses her hugs. she ties with miles and sophie for no. 1 fan :)


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