Wednesday, April 16, 2014


A few months ago I discovered a mysterious grain in my pantry. After a quick google image search, I was happy to see that it was quinoa. I had only eaten quinoa a few times before, and I was anxious to try cooking it for myself.

It turns out that it is super easy. I found this post to be particularly informative. (I use broth for the liquid.)

I made a batch this morning to keep in the fridge and use for my lunch for the next few days. I'll probably do a variation on this recipe for quinoa with black beans and corn each day. I have a few avocados that are threatening to go bad, so I better dice them up asap. Cold, warm, plain, wrapped up in a tortilla, I've found Elizabeth's recipe to be delicious each way.

Do you have a favorite quinoa dish? I'd love to try some others.


  1. I saw that recipe last week and made it for my family. It was a huge hit!

  2. I like it for breakfast- neither of my kids do, but I can make up a batch that will last me a few days:

  3. You will thank me!

  4. I really like this vegetarian chili recipe that uses quinoa. (It also works with couscous if you want to sub that.) If you're not sure if your family will like it, maybe try cutting recipe in half the first time. Recipe freezes fine, too. Enjoy experimenting!

  5. If you keep your avocados in the fridge, they will last for weeks! I've had them last 4 weeks. I buy them when they are on sale and eat them up for weeks down the road. Just thought i would share.

  6. we love Quinoa and black bean burritos- even my kids request it! I've posted the recipe here:


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