Thursday, April 17, 2014

headaches and water

It's warming up here in the desert. Blerg. This week has been nice, actually, but last week was much too hot for early April. I noticed I was ending each day with a headache, and I was fairly certain that dehydration was the culprit. Increasing my water intake became my goal. Sometimes you need something new and pretty for motivation, so Elliot and I braved a trip to Target (that of course ended in tears for Elliot, and a few extra things we "needed" in the cart) and bought this cup. It holds 20 ounces of water, and I think I filled it up at least 5 times yesterday. It felt really good.

We still have a few lemons left on our tree, so sometimes I stick a lemon slice in there. I don't know if I believe them all, but here are 11 benefits of drinking lemon water.


  1. I am heading off to Target this weekend to get one of those Stephanie-I am AWFUL at drinking water, I am often dehydrated, and usually when I fall in bed at night I realize I didn't drink an ounce all day-that's terrible and with nursing!! and I know this will help. Have a beautiful Easter weekend!

  2. That's interesting and makes a lot of sense actually. I was a lifelong sinus-migraine sufferer until recent years when things have suddenly improved for me. I still get them occasionally, but perhaps it's because I do tend to drink more water now than I used to - even though I'm never thirsty, so I have to force myself to drink it. But good thinking, that makes sense.

  3. Sounds like a great plan. I guzzle water whenever I visit Arizona and still feel kind of dry and dehydrated. Looks like I should step it up, also. What a cute cup. I noticed one similar at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this past weekend and it reminded me of something that might be in a country music video :) cute! Stay hydrated, Stephanie!

  4. This is such a great reminder! I am the worst at staying hydrated, and I am still nursing so it works very much against me. But I too get headaches from the lack of H2O!! My goals is to definitely increase my intake by a lot!


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