Thursday, April 10, 2014

on sibling friendship

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of my two matching boys last night. They might be five years apart in age, but they are good friends already. I'm so glad. This is what I have decided lately: more than wanting my children to need me, I want them to need each other.

From time to time, Mike and I leave them, to go running, or out on a date, or even just to the grocery store. When we do this, I hope we are teaching them two important things: that our relationship as husband and wife comes first, and that they can rely on each other.

Maybe we are just lucky that they all get along so well so much of the time. But we make a conscious effort have lots of time with just our little family, too. We play with each other more than with other friends, they share teeny rooms, etc. I think if we can help them solidify those sibling friendships now, then we will be giving them such a wonderful gift. I know I treasure the relationships I have with my own siblings. I want my children to have that, too.

p.s. Happy Sibling Day! Who knew that was even a thing.


  1. awe how sweet! they are darling :)

  2. This was so sweet, and I hope the same for my kids. I want them to want to be close, and all have a great relationship with one another!

  3. Love this... And so much my own heart too. It warms my heart so much whenever I see my littles enjoying each others company! Loving your blog! Sending love from the UK!


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