Wednesday, November 27, 2013

for a perfect pie crust

Last year I decided that I was going to learn how to make pie from scratch. After several attempts, I realized that making pie crust is not one of my talents. So this Thanksgiving I am back to store-bought pie dough, and I feel really good about it. This pie crust was filled with pumpkin and spices and is currently baking in my oven. I can't wait to have a slice tomorrow afternoon. I have another crust waiting in the fridge for a German Chocolate pie on Friday. Or maybe Coconut Cream. We'll see.

So today I am grateful for my talents, but also for the knowledge that I don't have to be good at everything. And thankfully, store bought crust is there to save the day.

What pies will you be eating tomorrow?


  1. I do store bought as well. I haven't tried my hand at making them from scratch yet. Tomorrow we will have orange pie aka sweet potato. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. 'Easy as pie' - funny! - because if I'm honest, making homemade pie crust leaves me trying hard not to swear outloud :)

    It's comforting to hear that it hasn't worked out well for you either. :)

  3. Thankfully, my sister offered to make the pies this year. She'll bring blueberry and pumpkin. Can't WAIT. My daughter also made a chocolate pie w/graham cracker crust for my pastry-hating family members (how anyone can hate pie crust is beyond my understanding). My mother scared me away from making my own pie crust--she always fussed so much and almost never liked her results (none of her kids complained though--we thought they were ALL great). Luckily, baby sis ignored all of that and became really great at making crusts.

  4. No worries over store-bought dough...any pie is good pie! If you want to try again, the easiest pie rust recipe for me is printed on the Tenderflake lard box...not sure you can buy Tenderflake lard where you are but this is the only recipe I've ever had luck with.


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