Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Boston, Mass: A Report, part the last

New England sure knows how to do fall. Our last day in Massachusetts might well have been the most perfect fall day that I will ever experience in my lifetime. Oh, it was wonderful!

We left the big kids at the house and went to Concord. We ignored the government barricades and visited the Old North Bridge in the Minute Man National Historic Park. It was super beautiful. I mean, those leaves. Gah!

Picturesque downtown Concord.

We also visited Orchard House, where Louisa May Alcott lived and wrote Little Women. I would definitely recommend it. I love old houses, and the fact that this one was used as the inspiration for Little Women made it even more special. My only regret was not bringing my budding author, Mabel, along. She would have loved it.

And there you have it, more about our trip to Massachusetts than you ever wanted to see, I am sure. We really had the best time, and I could have easily stayed another week (or two!). Thanks for having us, Parkers! And thanks for humoring me, readers!


  1. Loved your report! When Alton gets older I'm hoping to take our family out to Boston and Buffalo. (fingers crossed) I'm mentally taking notes as I read about your vacation.

  2. love orchard house and those two cute little blond boys!!

  3. I love that you post your vacation so I have to comment to tell you thank you!


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