Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston, Mass: A Report, part four

My mother's family comes from Massachusetts, so my brother Elliott, a family history buff, took me and my big kids on a little family history tour. Our first stop was the church where my grandparents were married in 1950 in South Walpole.

The newlyweds.

This is the house where my great grandparents lived, across the street from the church.

Here is my grandmother, Wilma (my grandma B), on the lawn of that house on her wedding day.

The cemetery where Wilma and her parents are buried is just up the road.

We also saw the house where my grandfather, Richard, grew up. Seeing these spots in person gave me the itch to know more about my ancestors. Thankfully, my brother and sister have done quite a bit of work on our family line. I am anxious to read more about these people who are part of me! Have you ever been interested in finding your ancestors? Mormons are well known for their interest in family history. Here's why.


  1. Wow! That is so cool! Love the wedding pictures.

  2. I've loved reading about your trip since I'm from MA! My father grew up in Walpole. I know that church and my relatives are also in that same cemetery. I bet my family knows yours. Small world!

  3. Oh, I love this so much. I remember seeing that house from the church on our last trip to Boston when I was in high school. I can't wait to go back, though I am sure our weather will be a little more prohibitive Thanksgiving week!

  4. how sweet those pics of your grandparents. I love their little house across the street from the church. I always wonder about my ancestors too. Some but not all of our genealogical work is done on my side of the family. My FIL is all into it and even works at the family history library at the church once a week. Someday I will be ready for it.


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