Thursday, August 22, 2013

happy birthday, mom

About once a month, my mom sends Stella a letter, just because she knows how much Stella enjoys getting a letter in the mail. Whenever she comes across a little white pitcher, she picks it up for my collection. When she comes for a visit, she sits on the couch and reads to Elliot for as long as he wants her to. Mabel and Oliver know she loves them because she always tells them that she does. She shows her love for us in so many tangible ways.

I wish we were with her today to celebrate her birthday. We'll just have to give her extra hugs next time she comes to town.

Happy birthday, Mom!


  1. She sounds amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday to Lauren today. She is indeed a blessed and wonderful grandmother,great grandmother and wife of my son.

  3. Yay indeed! I love that she sends Stella monthly letters :) Oh Stella! That girl.


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