Wednesday, January 09, 2013

a zoo, or maybe more like a farm

We seem to be collecting pets. I don't even know how it happened, but here we are with 9 chickens, 2 birds, and 1 cat. Shoot. We are those crazy people in the neighborhood with a million animals. Ack! I never wanted to be that person. (At least we don't have Champ anymore. See our adventures with our old dog Champ here, here, and here. He has a much happier life across the street with a family who actually lets him into their house.)

Mabel got two parakeets for her birthday last summer and I finally got around to pretty-ing up their cage this morning. The hem of our utility sink skirt was the exact size I needed to make a little cage shield. I couldn't believe my luck, since my stash search proved unsuccessful. I am hoping that it keeps their mess from spilling all over the floor. The little bird house table was originally covered in flowers and vines, but I painted it to match our cabinets instead. Already that little corner is so much brighter and cheerier.

I am not an animal lover, but I don't mind these birds one bit. They chirp and make sweet little noises, and they keep me company when I'm working in the kitchen. Don't ask me about the chickens today, though. They are not on my good list.

Now we just need a mini cow or a goat or something and we'll be all set. (Just kidding! Don't give Mike any ideas. :)

p.s. Remember when we got our cat? I am happy to report that after three months of constant sinus infection-like symptoms, my cat allergy pretty much disappeared! Phew, because everyone has sort of fallen in love with that Inez.


  1. thank you for solving my problem! Not only am I going to steal this fabric shield for the bottom, I am going to come up with something for the back side... these birds just poop too much! I love that a fabric shield can be thrown in the wash.

  2. if we didn't have any kids, we wouldn't have any pets either. they definitely are for them. i'm "hoping" it teaches them good responsibility and companionship. i love that idea for the bird cage, although, i did put my foot down for birds, anything but a bird!

  3. The fifth grade classroom where I was a student teacher had a bunny that would hop around all schoolday long, and I'm telling you it calmed the nerves of so many anxious kids. I imagine quiet pets do that.

  4. thats funny, you have more animals then us and we live on a acre! We have zero animals. We are just good at babysitting dogs. Like the cage cover.

  5. I hope the keets don't chew up that cute cover!


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