Friday, December 14, 2012

happy weekend

Winter came yesterday and it brought rain! Whenever it rains I feel like the world is brand new. This morning was so beautiful. It was chilly, wet, and crisp - three things you don't often find here. It was such a nice surprise. Our oranges were sparkling.

How are Christmas preparations coming at your house? Things here are wonderfully quiet. The presents are wrapped and under the tree (hooray for Mike!), goodies for our neighbors have been baked and delivered, our Christmas cards have been sent. I don't know how, but we are totally ahead of the game this year and it feels great.

I hope you have a nice weekend!

p.s. Leslie sent me a link to Normons this morning. Have you seen it? It's a fun, well-written site that answers questions about the Mormon faith (It's not sponsored by our church, but I thought all of their answers were right on). I especially loved this post about chastity. It just might answer some of your questions, too.


  1. Gorgeous picture...and love that blog-explains things so well.


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