Friday, September 23, 2011

5 happy things

this little face
an early morning run
the first day of fall
peach crisp fresh out of the oven
a trip to the airport to pick up Mike!


  1. This post made me happy! And I'm very, very pregnant, so that's quite a feat. Thank you. ;)

  2. That little face is killing me. Such a handsome boy! Happy first day of fall to you!

  3. how did you run with mike out of town? that sounds like something I would do, not you. ;)

  4. Stephanie,
    I'm wondering how you went running too? I'm wanting to start going out in the early mornings but my husband is already gone for work. Do you leave your kids home sleeping? Because I so want to do that & just need someone to justify it for me. They'd be fine without me if they woke up too - oldest is 7. Plus I can't exercise very long so it's not like I'll be gone for hours. More like minutes.

    Can't believe your babe is getting so grown up! I remember when he was born - despite the fact that I've never seen him in person. When it's cooler I'll have to come out to Candlelight & we could have a playdate.

  5. the trick is to go super early. my kids don't often wake up before 6 and i go running at 5. there is a loop in my neighborhood that passes right by my house that is exactly a third of a mile. since mike was out of town, i convinced my exercise friends to stay in our neighborhood, and every few loops, i would stand outside stella and elliot's windows and listen. everyone stayed asleep until after i was home and showered. i don't know if i would want to do that every time, but it worked for me this week.

  6. That is a cute little face. Sad I am missing those early morning runs, but not that sad:).

  7. oh elliot! seriously too yummy.


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