Wednesday, June 08, 2011

summer sewing

There are certain kinds of things that I like to sew during the hot summer months. Dresses, skirts for the girls, pajamas - nothing too difficult or time consuming. These pajama skimmers fit the bill for today. They were a quick and easy project with an almost instant reward. I used some other shorts of Mabel's as the pattern, but because they are just pajamas, there is plenty of room for error.

Next up, some polka dot pj skimmers for me, and maybe I will finally attack that darned mending pile.

Are you sewing anything fun?

(Dana has some good pajama instructions here.)


  1. These are so cute. I have a pattern I love for PJ's, but it's packed away, which is too bad, because all my kids are sporting high waters. :-)

  2. I got to make the first onesie dress for our household, a real treat after a string of four boys!

  3. I'm making a canopy for my kids' swing. It's so fun to create!


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