Thursday, October 21, 2010

The weather finally changed.

Thank heavens. I was feeling very uninspired. But this morning I woke up to a cold, drizzly, breezy day. Yesterday was beautiful, too. Our air conditioner didn't turn on once and I even cooked dinner! (I won't tell you how long it's been since I've cooked a real dinner, but it's been a really long time.)

I have yet to make my inaugural pumpkin bread this season (maybe later today), but this recipe caught my eye. And if you know me, you know I love a new pumpkin recipe.

I'll be giving it a whirl this weekend in between coats of paint. Yes, I am still working on the kitchen. I am about a fifth of the way done. (Yes, that's all!) Painting is not my full time job and I promised myself that I wouldn't ignore the rest of my life just to paint my cabinets. I do a coat here, a coat there. It's coming along. My goal is to be finished by Thanksgiving.

How's the weather at your house?


  1. Oh my, that recipe looks good.

    The kids and I were just talking this morning about how it was 100 degrees, then we had a big hail storm, then it was really hot again last week, now it's raining and in the 60's. Crazy Arizona!

  2. How funny, we are going to make these pumpkin rolls today:

    Our weather is a gorgeous 63 and sunny. I love Fall!

  3. I made cake pops this week and I was needing some pumpkin, so I did a spice cake mix with 2 eggs and a can of pumpkin. mixed with cream cheese frosting- delightful :)

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Okay, I have to ask you (beg you really) what you have been serving your family (when you weren't doing "real dinners"). That to me sounds like it must be fast, easy, and not tons of clean up... and I was just wishing earlier today I could come up with a list of ideas just like that. So if you have a second, could you just jot down a few of the things that you've been feeding your family the last little bit? (I would SO appreciate it!) Thanks! :)

  5. Hope you enjoy the cooler weather..Here its getting colder I love the warmer weather..No more fun in the sun for this girl..It's going to be winter wonderland soon...

  6. Oh ya That pumkin bread is so yummy.. I just made a few loafs ans muffins..Thanks for sharing that recipe last fall..Hugs..

  7. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls?! I am drooling.

  8. We've got crispy fall weather here in Boston! I saw this recipe today and I'm going to make them tonight:


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