Monday, October 11, 2010

cheap flowers and some other things

I was at Walmart this morning. I don't even know why. But to make it up to myself, I bought these flowers. They say fall, I think. And they remind me of these cute earrings, which I think I need in a major way. In lots of colors.

We had a really great weekend. The famous mrs. r and her little family stayed with us. Even though we hadn't seen each other in about two years, we picked up right where we left off. She is that kind of friend. It was so fun to catch up and see her cute boys in action. Come back soon, r house!

The kids are out of school this week for October break. They are already bored. That's good for them, right? Because the only thing we have planned is a trip to the dentist.


  1. Those are super cute earrings. And for only $5; amazing!

    I've been trying to come up with a list of things to do this week. Assuming it stays so warm, we'll be taking a trip to Yodipity.

  2. Such pretty flowers and you always take the best pictures. I need some fresh fall flowers for my table too. I wonder if sunflowers are fall or summer flowers. Very cute earrings!

  3. Love the earings. don't plame you I would want them in every color too.

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Love that picture!

  5. Mums most definitely say Fall!! :)


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